Next Chapter

Ok, I’m not going to talk about this on video or make any sort of grand announcement because I did that once already. But I did want to give those of you who follow me on social media the heads up that I have given my 2 weeks notice to Complex and that I’m leaving Collider Video. Since I took 2 weeks vacation time when my friend died on Friday, that means you won’t be seeing me back on Collider (except for some stuff I pre-recorded and any guest or freelance stuff I do with them in the future).

Here’s the thing, the death of my buddy this week affected me far more profoundly than I anticipated. His passing made me realize 2 things:

1) Life is far too short to allow yourself to be unhappy

2) I have been unhappy at Collider for a while

Now, before anyone reads too much into that last statement, I love the people at Complex and Collider. As a matter of fact, I was just texting back and forth with my (former) boss last night about how bad Transformers 5 is. We get along great. He’s moving to Los Angeles and we’re probably going to hang out a lot. The SVP of Complex was on the phone with me yesterday asking if there was any way I’d reconsider. They, and the team I’ve built over the years, are all amazing and I hold them all in high regard and respect them greatly. I’ll probably still do some random things with them in the future.

However, the direction the operation was heading in, as well as some key decisions that were being made, I’ve disagreed with strongly and have made me very uncomfortable. Not to say that I’m right to disagree nor that they’re wrong. Not at all. Right or wrong doesn’t come into it. But as I told my (former) boss, if I stayed I was just going to continue being frustrated and unhappy and maybe become an obstruction to what he wants to do with Collider. Neither of those are good scenarios for anyone. I want to be happy, and I want my boss to succeed because he and all the folks at Collider are awesome.

Life is too short to allow yourself to be unhappy.

It’s also important to know that I’m not leaving for something else. I don’t have anything lined up yet. I have some standing offers from places and I’m sure I’ll get others.

One thing I’m absolutely going to do regardless of any other jobs I take in the future is to get my own YouTube channel properly back up and running. I realized a long time ago that I’ve never been happier than when I was just running my old site The Movie Blog. My own site. My own property. My own thing. I love doing stuff on my own channel and I’m absolutely going to be doing a lot more there moving forward. I hope you’ll join me.

Life is too short to allow yourself to be unhappy.

So please, let’s not make a big deal out of this. I specifically asked Collider NOT to make any sort of announcement. I want the focus at Collider Video to be on the people who are still there doing great stuff every day. Not on me leaving.

So you might be asking yourself “why tell us this then?”. Well, because I couldn’t think of a way to ask you guys to start tuning into my YouTube channel more without telling you what was going on. Trust me, I wish I could have just disappeared and never mentioned it, but I didn’t see any realistic way of doing that.

Lastly, please do 2 things:

1) Continue to watch and support the team at Collider Video. You’ll never have any idea how much they bust their asses over there to give you the best content they can.

2) Please consider watching and supporting me too! Subscribe to my YouTube channel, and make sure you’re following me on facebook and twitter @johncampea. I’ll update you immediately if and when I decide to take another gig.

Thank you.


Author: campea

John is an online film pundit and is formerly the creator, Exec Producer and Head Of Programing for Complex Network's Collider Video as well as AMC Movie News for AMC Theatres. A massive fan of tech, Mixed Martial Arts and poker, when John's not in a movie theatre you can catch him on his twitter and facebook accounts at @JohnCampea

74 thoughts on “Next Chapter”

  1. Best of luck. Life is way too short to be in any unhappy. Although truthfully you should have three weeks until after you ship the WSOP Main Event


  2. Thank You for all you’ve done John. You’re my favorite internet movie personality, and I hope to see you walking around Burbank one day. I will continue to follow your career and wish you the best.


  3. Shows you what a pro this guy is. He was unhappy, maybe very unhappy, for some time, but it never came across once on their channel. Looking forward to your future endeavors. Cheers!


  4. So sad to hear you’ve left Collider, you were a big part of why I like Movie Talk and the other shows on there cause of your honesty about movies and movie news. But I wish you all the best for the future and I’ll be watching what you appear on next dude, so good luck.


  5. John thank you for taking the time to explain to all your fans of what is going on. We respect your wishes, we will continue supporting you and following you as you have entertained and kept us informed in the movie world for years .


  6. Firstly i’m sorry for your loss, secondly.. you’re leaving again!! makes me think something is really wrong there at collider


  7. Sorry for your loss, and I wish you the best. I’m always glad to hear your well-thought out opinions, and the professionalism with which you take your career is inspiring. I’m glad you’re putting yourself and your happiness first, everything stems from that. I’ll definitely be watching your channel.


    1. I can completely relate. I used to be the guy that would always tease people, in an effort to let their guard down. That soon became, sarcastic and jaded. That evolved into the type of thing where I would hold grudges and would force people to side with me or side with the terrorists. Then, one of my best friends died of a brain cancer, and I realized valar morghulis and life is way too short. And while it somehow felt good to walkaway from someone for effect, it was actually me pushing people away for silly reasons. Take as much time as you need and hold the people you love as close as you can, while you still can. Because those moments, are the entire reason we exist.

      Liked by 1 person

  8. I am glad to see you go if that is truly what is going to make you happy. I will still support the Collider gang as I will continue to support your Channel, as well. I would still like to see you, on occasion, pop up on Collider, especially when Star Wars comes out! Good Luck! Be Happy!


    1. Sorry for your loss of a friend. And a sad day for collider video, losing the face and seemingly driving force behind all they do. Good luck with your future projects, and keep kicking ass!


  9. We’ve followed you thru the back rooms of AMC Burbank and into the new wave of Collider. You bring a passsion, logic, and honesty to movie watching and cinema creation that is hard to beat. You are the Captain Kirk of the starship Movie Talk. You will very much be missed; the dynamic you share with Schnepp, Mark, and Christian was fun and brought a lot of good laughs. I am sure wherever you land, you will keep “bringing on the filthy”
    Good luck and Godspeed!


  10. Big fan of you man, starting back in Man of Steel review. I’m sure you have your good reason to quit, but is it just me or this is getting old? really old, almost like bad relationship. Glad you still doing your channel though, love the mailbag idea you created, never miss one. Collider won’t be the same without you and I would watch less. Shame really…


  11. You were always my “go-to” on Collider, for your great insider knowledge of the film industry. You will be missed on the show and I’ll happily continue tuning into your podcast. You’re right mate, “Lifes too short” so do what you feel until the feelings end. Peace and blessings.


  12. Just a fan here. Just being able to see you following your passion (and not being afraid to make the necessary change in life) is quite refreshing. Best of luck with everything you do, and please, keep bringing the filthy!


  13. Thanks for all the insight into movies over the past few years…it has been life changing. I have an increased appreciation of not just the movies, but for all the politics involved behind the scenes. All the best in the future


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